Town Stories

The Cannon

This 10 inch model 1861 Seacoast Columbiad is often referred to as a Rodman after its designer.  The original location  of the cannon was west of the Coast Guard Station and south of the railroad tracks as seen above.  

The Cannon’s arrival was most likely after the Spanish American war in 1898.  It is known that it arrived on a railroad flat car and shunted out on the rails which at the end of the Ann Arbor system disappeared under the shifting beach sand just west of the old passenger depot.  It was transferred to what must have been a very stout wagon  and then required teams of horses to haul ot the park.  There is reason to believe that the project was put through by GAR veterans and that the prime move was Mr. Lot Nevius, a one time prominent resident of the county.  He was among the youngest of the old veterans a self educated and able attorney, register of deeds and clerk of the county.  By the time the Spanish American War  came along this type of cannon was obsolete and those that were not shipped back to the foundries for recycling were readily available to any community which might desire one and had the proper connections with whoever its Congressman may have been.

The cannon was cast at a foundry in Fort Pitt PA in 1863, the climatic year of the Civil War.  Its function was not on the battlefield as a moveable piece but to be permanently installed in an emplacement in some sea coast fortification.  There is no record available as to where or when it might have been in active use during the war.


GAR Gathering in Frankfort

GAR Gathering in Frankfort