Betsie Bay Harbor

Betsie Bay has shaped the history and economy of Frankfort and Benzie County as one of the best natural harbors on Lake Michigan.

Walking Route

Explore the history of Frankfort with Stories of Town and Harbor, a 1 mile walking route that leads to eight historically significant sites.

The Growers

The number of orchards in Frankfort created a demand for canning plants. Armour Canning Company opened @ 1913, and others soon followed.


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Toledo & Ann Arbor Railroad and Car Ferries

In 1892, the Toledo & Ann Arbor connected with the Frankfort & Southeastern and connected Frankfort to the rest of the world.

Logging and Lumbering

Between 1870 and 1920, vast stands of virgin timber fell to the axe and were sent down the Betsie River to mills in Elberta and Frankfort.

Frankfort, Michigan, history of resort culture

Resort Culture

Frankfort grew as a resort destination bringing vacationers from around the Great Lakes via steamship, car ferry, train and automobile.

Main Street

As area businesses developed in the 20th century, commerce focused on several industries including timber, fishing, agriculture, and tourism.